These are some pictures from our last show at the Dallas Ft Worth Labrador Specialty. It was a very exciting day. The 2 girls we were showing are the upcoming youngsters of ours. We are very proud to have Reba and Kale. My oldest daughter Madison got her first first place ribbon in the Jr showmanship. And Nikki Placed a 4th with Kale in the adults class. We really just let Nikki show in the big classes to get her and her dog some more experience. Nikki is 10 and Kale was 9 months. So if you could have seen the look on her face when she placed. It was pricless!
Madison and Reba
Madison and Reba
Nikki and Kale
Kale having a fun Muddy day at home
Kale at 6 months
Reba at 6 months
Ashley and Zest her first show and first win.
My three girls and I just noticed a proud teacher watching in the back ground. We all luv you Erin :)
Ashley and Rose What a couple of beauties