We LOVE our White Oak Lab !! Thank you Elizabeth- Our puppy is everything we wanted and everything you said she would be. She is beautiful and has such a sweet temperment. We have 3 small children and our puppy is so protective of them and follows them all over our house and yard. She immediately became a member of our family and even though we have only had her for three weeks we know we made the right choice. Elizabeth Fouts is definitely a reputable and caring breeder and even our vet said that she did more than what a lot of breeders do for their puppies before they go to their families. She has been very available to answer questions and give advice and everything went they way she promised. Our family would definitely get another puppy from Whiteoak Labs in the future. Thanks again Elizabeth !! 

 From: Cape Cod, MA 
 Email:  aguard@ptquicklube.com 

We picked our white lab up from the sacramento airport on the 19th of september. It was a great way to get a puppy. My two and three year old daughters were very excited. What made it even better, is that everything went as planned. If you are looking for a lab puppy you have found your breeder. Cash, our new puppy has a very mellow temperment. He is by far the best behaved puppy I have ever owned or been around. My three year old daughter calls him her new best friend . Elizibeth Fouts breeds well tempered labs that are absolutely beautiful puppies. I will be a life long customer of white oak labs. Thank you for the new addition to our family. Sincerly, Matt, Danielle, Madison, Audrey & Cash Wetteland 
 From: california 
 Email:  mattwetteland@aol.com 

I am just adding this page so keep looking in the future for more sweet puppy photos
Missy's Puppy at only 5 months old.
Creed Puppies
Rose and Creed Puppy
Missy                     Reba                                Creed

We are so happy with Walter ( Mr. Orange) as you can see he can't wait to go 
swimming. He is the perfect mix of sweetness and mischief. He loves the water so 
much he showers with Todd when he can get into the the bathroom, as well as 
joining me in a bubble bath if he can. ( I'll send one of those pics too. 
Thank you so much for such great friends. 
The Millers.
Denver CO  

Dear Elizabeth,

I hope that you are fine. I just wanted to send you some pictures of Blaze as I know that it is the first time you send a puppy to Egypt. Blaze is doing really fine and he is a real family dog, loved by all, including the cat as you can see on the first picture. He loves learning and actually, he learns very fast as he is very smart. Also, I call him our “educational dog” like “ therapy dogs”, because many people who were afraid of dogs, learned to love him and broke their fear of dogs thanks to him. Finally, he is so good looking that many people stop and watch him making nice loud comments…We really love him and are proud of his good temper and behavior. 

Best regards,

Hoda Fahmy-El Sallaly

This was an HONOR to have this wonderful family from Egypt pick me to send them a new family member