White Oak Labrador Puppies 
We are hoping for a great year. Having a wonderful time at the dog shows and even a couple of  litters for 2014! 
We breed for great heads, stout bodies, and the best temperament you can find. They will be AKC registered. They will be dewormed at 2,4,6 and 8 weeks. They will also have their first set of puppy shots. We can also offer crate training from 6 to 8 weeks. All of our puppies come with a two year health guarantee.  Most are doggie door potty trained by 8 weeks. They are well socialized with children and other animals from day one. I always reserve the right to first pick of my puppies. 
 Prices range from 800 to 1200 for limited plus 300 for shipping (if necessary). I will only sell with full registration to an approved home. Puppies must be 8 weeks old to leave. We are taking deposits. Deposits are 200 before they are born. Then half the price of the puppy after they are born. Deposits are non refundable, unless I resale the puppy and remaining litter before 6 weeks old. 
This page was last updated: December 28, 2014

We do accept Paypal for payments. There is a 3% fee added, only because paypal charges me that. Please click below and send to email address whiteoaklabs@aol.com
past puppies
These are my 2 wonderful daughters! They just make life more fun and are so much help with the babies. 
Past Puppies Below
 We have started litter box training puppies now. I was shocked at how great they have taken to it from 4 weeks old. It makes it so much easier for these young ones who can not hold it long. Plus no messes to clean up all day long. 
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This is one of Missy's puppies from 09 that lives in Colorado. 

We are excited to announce a litter with Raven and Poseidon. The last litter I regretted letting my pick puppy go. So I will be keeping pick of the litter from this one. I will post some of the pictures of the last litter that is a year old. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I can also give you several references of what wonderful pets they are. 
Reserved for Don
Custer reserved for Tammy
Maximus Reserved
​Maximus says "you look too comfy................ Not anymore........... Poor Teddy :)
Ok here is how I am going to do this. I took abunch of group pictures because I wanted to make sure I got some pictures up of everyone. It has been a really busy month for my kids so I have had no help and these guys think standing still for a picture with nice weather out is just silly. They are all doing wonderful. Although they are wearing me out I will sure miss these puppies. they are fun and funny and just make me smile! 
Custer              Maximus               Pepper
Custer                                   Maximus
​Milo                         Teddy                    Pepper
Coal                        Milo                Custer